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Using Facebook’s Custom story and Open Graph story with iOS

With the increasing popularity of various social networking sites the important aspect that apps need to cover is that they must have the ability to connect to the user’s profile and post a status update using the app. Sharing to Facebook from your iOS app can include a variety of operations like posting a link, sharing an update and posting a story. Now-a-days, you can see a lot of Facebook user’s updating their status that is structured in the form of a story, these posts allows you to tag your friends and check-in into places. This kind of post can be structured from your app as well. A story is more appealing in a way that, it is structured well than just posting a plain sentence status updates. A Facebook story contains two major aspects A noun (Object) A verb (Action) Configuring a story involves the integration of the noun and the verb meaningfully. Facebook has provided some default objects and actions called common action, these actions are used in c

Mobile App Testing: Strategies and Best Practices

Overview It’s an era of mobile savvy users where thousands of mobile apps are booming with wide-ranging flavors of technologies.  Today building app is not just about writing a good code, the success of app is largely driven by user experience. A successful app should have an aesthetically pleasing UI and should deliver best user experience on all devices and various form factors, of course there are other important factors to be taken into consideration as well. Fig: Mobile apps testing challenges Outstanding testing strategy is the only way to make your mobile app ready for business. To add to complexity there are thousands of different devices each delivering multiple form factors. To ensure app performs to its best it, it’s a mammoth challenge for quality assurance team to test in all above scenarios and certify the product keeping in mind budget and time constraints, QA team need to have right strategy, tools and processes in place. While mobile