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Google I/O 2014

Just in-case you missed the keynote from Google I/O, we summarise some of the key announcements in Google and android world, before we start Google, presented some interesting statistics on mobile momentum, lets go through these. Android currently has 1 billion 30 day active users, which is double than last year. These users send 20 billion text messages on a given day and take 1.5 trillion steps and take 93 million selfies each day. androidone Google is working on set of hardware reference platforms to bring android to low cost mobile device in emerging markets. This android version is same OS which is used for high end smartphones. All software updates will be published from Google via play. Google is starting this journey in India and would be launching with 3 OEMs in fall this year. Platform Evolution Android L release This is the biggest release in history of android since its launch of open SDK. The L release has over 5K new APIs, with bold new look and radi